This is a blog of a Japanese girl who went to abroad study in TORONTO where her life was changed, The experiences in TORONTO broadened her view opened a brand new door to the world.

I need a dollar : Aloe Blacc 和訳 してみました


Low-cost and modest luxury life!

Since I've lived in Malaysia, I'm feeling that.... the life in Malaysia is very cheap cost and kind of extravagant. The currency is low if I compare with Japan and Canada where I used to live and work.My salary now is cheap in Japanese salary. If I get on

Walking around at Kuala lumpur on Sunday

Already two months passed after I started Malaysian life. However, I haven't spent much time to walk around, shopping and sightseeing in the city and finally, I had opportunity to walk around this city by myself :)I had to go to a city where is close to t

It's  time to celebrate for "Islamic new year" the long weekend in Malaysia (24th to 27th June) after the period of  "Ramadan" is done.(They are not allowed to eating and drinking while sunrise for Ramadan)And today, the king of Istana Negara was change

The customer service in Japan.

While I'm working in Malaysia, always thinking of that "Japanese customer are so difficult...". In Japan, there is a common word "Customers are a got" mean's people who work in customer service industry think their customers are a god. So first of all,

Found a thing I really focus on!!

The other day, I had a short term job for translation English to Japanese, It also for improving my reading skill and entire English skills and I thought that..... The job is so exciting!!!!! Even I spend so long time to complete the translation, almost f

I’m doing this in Malaysia.

Extremely fast and impressive three weeks are already gone. Today, I’m going to express what I’m doing in Malaysia. The company which I entered sounds like a huge company in Southeast Asia and Africa, they manage some departments which are a business co

The first impression of Malaysia

More than one week has gone in Malaysia. The first impression of Malaysia is that...very hot, humid, lots of insects, foods are delicious, people are kind but not so safe as Japan and Toronto (we need to avoid to walk on the street at night). Also, there

This is why I started new life in Malaysia.

It's been a while to write articles. I have been keeping busy these days because I got a job in Malaysia and already moved here just a few days ago!!! This country is totally new for me. Before I get the job, I have been interested in only the US and Euro

BIG Fish market in Yamaguchi(Karato market)

There is a big fish market that is popular by tourist in Yamaguchi prefecture where close to Fukuoka.福岡に近い山口県に、観光客に人気の魚市場があります。They open the market early morning to around 3 pm, sell fresh fish, sushi and fish "Don"(raw fish on

 Delicious Innards hot pot!!

"Motsu Nabe" is the one of great and very famous food in Fukuoka!!福岡で有名な食べ物の一つ、もつ鍋!I went a new Motsu Nabe restaurant last week.先週、新しく出来たもつ鍋屋さんに行きました。  It's called "Tashu"博多もつ鍋田しゅうMotsu nabe = Innards hot

Jason Mraz

I decided to try to translate English to Japanese of the song which is my favorite!! 私のお気に入りの曲を、日本語に訳してみることにしました! Cause unexpectedly, I couldn't find any translation of the amazing song. 意外に、こんな素敵な曲の和訳が見つか

Is Japanese winter colder than Canadian...?

It's getting cold in Japan these days.日本も、最近寒くなってきました。As you know, The temperature of Toronto where I was living for more than a year is freezing and lower than Japanese in winter.ご存知の通り、私が1年以上住んでいたトロントの冬の温度は日

Good season for running and fall colours in Fukuoka

It became the comfortable season for running, also fall colors in Japan as well!日本も、紅葉とランニングが気持ちいい季節になりました。This is pictures around my place in Fukuoka(Kitakyushu city).写真は、福岡(北九州)私の家の近くです。I run one day a wee

A traditional noodle with Japanese roof!!

This is ”KAWARA SOBA”!!!! Delicious and famous food around Fukuoka, Japan.(my mom made it for me <3)コレは「瓦そば」です。とっても美味しくて、福岡周辺で有名な食べ物♪(お母さんが作ってくれました ^^)Unbelievability, even Japanese who're from other prefe

The potential of self-study

Since I came back to Japan from studying abroad in Canada, I'm studying English, this book  by myself for keeping and improving my English skill.カナダの海外留学から日本に帰ってきて、この本を使ったりして自分で英語の勉強をしています。I'd like to study Eng

This is why I'm studying English

To be honest, I'm just "Okay" about studying English. :P I'm not the kind of person who loves studying English or has interested in other languages. 正直、私は英語の勉強はそこまで好きじゃありません。笑英語が大好き!とか、語学が好き!とかいうタイプでもあり

Using the phone in Japan is to expensive!!!

The contract of Japanese phone is so expensive!! (´;ω;`)I couldn't realize that before I have experience living abroad because it was natural payment for using my phone and for the living in Japan, then I was paying them more than $100 with no doubt.

Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

A few days ago my boyfriend send me a Link of youtube数日前、彼があるYouTubeリンクを送ってきました、Which is.....それは…  At the time, I had no idea about the guy and super silly song lolA lot of people copy him and up their video on youtube, so you mig